Residential Internet Service

If you have received some materials from WON Communications or your property management about our services then chances are we are setup and ready to get you connected. Call us to schedule an install time. We will come to your location and install our connection. With it, you can plug in your existing wifi router, streaming device, media server, smart TV….you get the idea. You are now operational and using the fastest connection available in the area!

  • Simple Pricing
  • Capacities to fit your usage needs
  • Low install cost makes for no tedious contracts
  • No added taxes or fees
  • Locally owned and supported
  • WiFi routers available with our Managed Wifi Service
Service Regions

Availability and ease of service has always been a subject of importance to us at WON Communications. Each location services the surrounding businesses and residents differently according to their needs and seeks to give them more accessibility for either their home or workplace. Give us a call to see what we can do for you in your area!

Business in Springfield has been growing exponentially, and we at WON have been aiding as best we can with new jobs and trying to better the community’s economy, as well as trying to stay at the forefront of modern technology. We have sought to provide a capable alternative of internet access so that businesses who experience difficulty or simply those who want a more effective way of accessing the net. We have been very fortunate to serve a community with so much to offer, with the Springfield Cardinals, Discovery Center, the Springfield Symphony, Springfield Little Theatre. We are proud to be part of such an eclectic and fast growing community!
Nestled in the middle of Polk county, Bolivar is the city between the lakes with a strong community fanatic about their Liberators, supported by a thriving business community and home to one of the nation’s best Baptist colleges. WON began providing an option for residence and businesses in 2014 and never looked back. We plan on expanding further into Polk and surrounding counties with superior services and support.
A rural community considered the gateway to the Mark Twain National Forest, this is where WON made its push into the market. The residents and businesses in Sparta embraced WON as an alternative to their incumbent provider and set WON to be a success. Much is owed to our neighbors in Sparta. And we at WON do our best to serve our customers in this area with great connectivity. After all, they are our neighbors….literally!
Hello from WON and thanks for your interest in our Internet services for Fair Play, Missouri! We are excited to provide a new option for residences and businesses in the community.