Our Mission: Fast, Simple, Internet

WON is executing on a vision to build and develop a network that delivers the most capable and flexible form of bandwidth delivery in Southwest Missouri and beyond. Our model for using a mix of technologies to quickly get our customers connected and provide them exceptional personal and professional support will set a new standard in Internet service delivery.


  • This company has great customer service, awesome IT support and even better internet connection! Mediacom is not the only internet around here like a lot of us think. I love how they're a locally owned thriving business. Thank you for hooking us up!!

    – Mesha G.
  • A fairly small team in Bolivar, but their speeds and customer service are far, far better than the competition. Definitely the ISP to go with if they're in the area.

    – Nate S.
  • Our installer went above and beyond to hook up our service exactly how we wanted it, and you get exactly the service you pay for.

    – Brandon M.
  • These guys are really vocal about their updates and plans - so if there's an outage - you'll know its coming. Rock solid 15mbps down at Oak Grove apartments. Connection supports streaming video to twitch! Nice! Deploying lots of nodejs projects has been a breeze lately. I love it.

    – Trent S.

Meet The Team

Matthew Thomas
Network Engineer, Co-founder

Favorite cartoon: Go Bots
Could never afford Transformers growing up. It was the next best thing

Cameron Rose
Building & Construction, Co-Founder

Favorite Cartoon: Road Runner
He doesn’t move nearly as fast though…

Matt Thompson

Favorite Cartoon: Daffy Duck
A guy that combs his hair but still looks like he just woke up

Michael Vincent

Favorite Cartoon: Johnny Bravo
Modern Day Fonzie

Trevor McKie
Systems Support

Favorite Cartoon: He-Man
He collects chin dimples

Jason Cornell
Customer Care

Favorite Cartoon: Dungeons and Dragons
Has a bonafide FAA license. Don’t fret ladies…It’s for his drone.

Robert Azevedo

Customer Care

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